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We are BW and Mary Wilkerson.  I guess that is one way to start an about us page.  We live in Springfield, Oregon.  Ok, now you know all there is to know about us.  The truth is there is a lot to tell about who we really are. 

I am not originally from the North West but I do love Oregon, Washington and even California.  I lived in South Mississippi for a number of years and moved out west after hurricane Katrina.  I moved to California first then after 9 years in Cambria, California we moved to Springfield. 

After moving to Oregon I decided to purchase a bow.  After searching the net I realized that buying a bow was going to cost me an arm and a leg so I decided to make my own.  Boy, let me tell you it was no easy chore, at least not at first.  I was in the mental health field and ministry for years and I was not a builder of things.  Mary could build anything but she didn't really have any input on bows, so I was on my own.

After a million failures I finally produced a bow that would work.  Now the bows I make now are nothing like the ones I first made.  Believe me, after making literally thousand of bows I now consider myself a master bow maker. 

We have 2 online stores which include Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and Bonanza.  I hope to open 2 more stores in the near future.  Mary helps in producing PVC and EPVC bows and she can make one as good as anyone I have seen.  She is a professional artist by trade and has been carving wood for 30 years.  We work together producing AFFORDABLE AND FUN TRADITIONAL BOWS.

We ship all over the world and as far as I know we are the largest manufacture of PVC bows in the world.  I have really gotten good and shooting a bow.  I keep trying to get Mary to let me shoot an apple off her head but she hasn't gotten to that point and I don't blame her.

BW BOWS AND ARROWS is committed to providing our cusomters with the best bows at the best prices.  Archery doesn't have to be a chore nor do you have to spend a fortune on a good quality bow. 

Our goal for the future is to continue growing the bow business until our next move which will be heaven.

Thanks for reading about us and God bless you all.

Ways to Contact Us. Don't Hesitate to Contact Us.

1.  Phone - 541-214-1094
2.  Email - bob@creativeexploits.com
3.  Mail - 277 S. 52nd Street Springfield, Oregon 97478

Hours of Operation - 8:00AM - 7:00PM PST - 7 Days a Week.

Making Archery Fun and Affordable one person at a time..

What good is life unless you have a little fun along the way.  Shooting a bow and arrow can be fun and affordable with BW Bows and Arrows..


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To determine which link you need for your bow just look on the invoice to see if you have a Take Down , Full Length or a Light Bow.  After you determine which one you have click on the link for instructions and a few videos.