Archery Exercises!

Archery Exercises is an important factor in learning how to shoot a bow and arrow with hurting or injuring a shoulder, elbow or any other part of your body.  It doesn't take a lot of effort to avoid injury.

This page is going to provide only few tips about what you should do to avoid injury.  I suggest you do a little research on the subject if you need more information.

When I first start my archery experience I didn't give any thoughts to injury my elbow or shoulder.  After shooting for one day I couldn't move me elbow and my shoulder hurt like crazy.  I thought my archery days was over but after resting for a week I decided to do a few exercises before shooting my bow, of which I made because I didn't want to spend an arm and leg on a bow.

However, after learning a few simple little archery exercises I was once again able to shoot my bow.

My suggestion to all of you, old or young, is to take this serious because it takes special muscles to shoot a bow and arrow.  I certainly don't want anyone who has purchased one of my bows to get hurt enjoying affordable archery.

Second Video!  Archery Exercises
Make sure you use a little common sense when shooting your new bow.  Depending on your age make sure to pace yourself.  If you feel a pain in your elbow or shoulder stop shooting for a while.  

I know shooting a bow and arrow can be addictive but pace your shooting.  Don't try to accomplish perfection the first day your received your new bow.  Take a little time and realize archery is not as easy as it looks on TV.  It take time to get good so remember to take it easy.

I hope this information has help just a little.  It is really only just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to archery exercises but maybe it will lead you to do more research on the subject.

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