Full Length Bows Instructions

A full length bow, in our archery world means any archery bow that is not a take down bow. It can be a , a Long Bow or a Recurve.  Any bow that is 58 inches long..  If you have not purchased one yet then feel free to explore the instructions to see if a take down bow would be right for you.

This type of bow is really great because it does not take down and delivers a lot of power to the arrow.   These bows are light and durable made from epvc plastic or pvc.  They are great hunting bows or target bows.  

At this time we have about several different models: The Desert Warrior, The Avenger and Black lighting are big sellers with us because they are so awesome in power and appearance.  Our Native American bows are really great. Take a look at the store to see which one your like or which model you purchased.   

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The bow to the right of you is a full length bow called the Black Lighting.

We sell many of these bows and several people have had a few problems with them so we want to provide you with a few instructions.

What we have decided to do is provide a little training on putting them together as well as stringing a full length bow.  We have had several people string them backwards and believe me they don't work very well if the sting is not on correctly.  

We are going to provide these instructions in a pdf format so you can print them if you like.

The most important thing to remember is we are only a phone call away.

It doesn't matter how simple the question might be we want you to give us a call if you have any problems whatsoever with a take down bow.  
The only question we can't answer is the one we never receive.  Don't hesitate to write or call and we will address the question in a friendly, southern style, down home fashion..


String a Bow Video

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If you are on the site to receive instructions about the bow you purchased please notice the navigation links at the top, side and bottom of the page.  

To determine which link you need for your bow just look on the invoice to see if you have a Take Down , Full Length or a Light Bow.  After determining which one you have click on the link for instructions and a few videos. 

We are also selling arrows you can purchase from Amazon.