Selecting arrows!!!!

Selecting and arrow for your bow can be challenging, discouraging and totally a blow out for the beginner in archery.  Don't give up because you can find an arrow that works for you. This page is going to help you to select the right arrow at the right price regardless of what stage of archery you find yourself.

Maybe you bought one of my bows and received a target arrow with the bow.  Beleive me all arrows are not equal.  The arrow I sent, more than likely is not the best arrow on the market.

If you will NOTICE THERE ARE SOME GREAT AMAZON TARGET ARROWS LISTED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE THAT I HIGHLY REMCOMMEND.  In the middle of the content we have added some additional arrows that will work from any of our bows.  I like the 30 inch arrows best but you can use a 28 inch arrows as well.

If you happen to be an experienced achier then you might want to share some of your experience with selecting arrows.  If so please email me with your suggestions about arrows.

The video below is a video that might help you select the right arrow.

Second Video!  Arrow Weight
Arrow weight is important and something you should think about when selecting an arrow to practice with.  The following video will give you a brief idea about which size arrow might fit your needs.

I hope this has helped.  The price of arrows varies.  i get my personal target arrows from Cabela's in Eugene, Oregon.  I don't know if you have a Cabela's in your town but if you do they sell good carbon target arrows for about $5.00 a piece.  This does not include the tips.  I use a light weight target tip.  

With these arrows you have to glue the inserts in the shaft and then screw the tip or broad head into the insert.  This is really easy to do and if you need any help just give me a call.

BW Bows and Bob and Mary Wilkerson are committed to providing the best products, the best customer service and best on line experience you can find on the Internet.  please keep coming back to find out what we have added.  If you take any pictures of you shooting your bow please send them to us to post on this site with your permission.

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